Property Tax Services Focused On You

For any lender, there are challenges to maintain a high level of service to borrowers, and it’s not getting any easier. As the regulatory requirements add up and the internal fires continue to pile onto already full plates, financial institutions need to accept help when it’s available.

Accumatch is built and maintained by industry experts across each department, and we make sure what we do impacts each one of our clients in a positive way.

As an Accumatch client, our lenders receive white glove treatment from day one…something quite unique to our industry. We love sharing more about who we are and how we can help, and once you see the impact we make, the decision become quite clear.

An incredibly favorable fee structure

It doesn’t get much better than this. Wouldn’t it be nice to have experts take on many of the arduous tasks in our lives? In tax servicing, this is actually not just possible, but the norm. While most things in life that claim to be “free” usually come with some vague fine print, with Accumatch, it’s a well-known benefit with no strings attached.

While the technology we built and the service we offer is well worth a substantial fee, virtually everything we do is TRID eligible, meaning most lenders pay next to nothing out of pocket, making it an even more incredible value.

Recent trends in the market

As our economy continues to change, it means many things to many people. While we listen and learn from lenders all over the country, it’s clear that opinions and experiences vary greatly. While some areas are experiencing a robust housing market, others have flatlined and are not sure which direction we are headed.

With that in mind, some commonalities have emerged that we believe are worth keeping an eye on heading into 2020.