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The New Standard

“Technology” is a fairly vague term, and on its own, doesn’t stand out from what anyone else can claim. If it was built using Windows 95 TECHNICALLY it would still be an accurate statement (we may be aging ourselves but you get the idea).

However, it does hit on a very real point. One the biggest pet peeves that lenders discuss with us is how the market has not kept up with the times, and how long they have waited for any noticeable changes to their customer experience. What they didn’t realize is that one company has taken the time to produce a viable solution that continues to change the way lenders view tax servicing.

At Accumatch, we continue to advance our technology and reap the benefits on two fronts: to help increase our own internal efficiencies, and to enhance the customer facing platform far beyond what they have seen before… but in our opinion, deserve.

In order to make sense, it has to check off some really important boxes: it must be easy to use, produce reliable data, and improve the day to day productivity of the end users… just to name a few.

As financial institutions continue to face the uncertainties that lie ahead, improvements in technology can keep you on the right track. With Accumatch, you can be sure that we are well prepared to partner with you on that journey and provide clarity amongst the chaos. And, since transparency is our middle name, we would be happy to show you what that would look like.

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