Real Estate Tax Non-Escrow Services

How Are You Tracking Your Non-Escrowed Loans?

With great risk comes great responsibility, and for lenders, much of that risk is found within non-escrow portfolios.

If you’re like most folks we speak with, you’re well aware of how difficult it can be to keep tabs on property tax delinquencies. Due to the manual and tedious methods required just to procure this information, many lenders resort to spot-checking delinquencies as time permits… which is leading to a growing list of complications and a reliance on data that may already be out of date.

Unfortunately, there are massive internal risks and inefficiencies associated with this sort of process. All across the country, 3rd parties are anxiously waiting for you to drop the ball and take advantage of misidentified tax delinquencies. In fact, it’s created a multi-million-dollar industry for those looking to profit from this disarray.

This leaves lenders with a decision: How do you protect yourself against the unknown?  The answer: You partner with proven experts who have developed a comprehensive plan of action to address these concerns. By partnering with Accumatch, executives receive unparalleled insight into some of the hardest to capture data in lending…an incredible level of protection and value unique to Accumatch clients.

Recognize the Risk…

Some things make sense to do on your own… some don’t. Tracking, updating, and handling the many demands of non-escrowed tax payment tracking is an area in which lenders should seek help from a reliable source.

Executives we speak with are generally focused on quality data, growth, and results…and they owe it to their stakeholders to be fiscally responsible whenever possible. As the competition to garner borrowers remains as competitive as ever, there has to be a strategy in place to help scale their organization while providing a service that does not cut corners in the most significant areas.

…Then Give It To Us

In the tax servicing industry, you will not find a better resource to meet those goals. At Accumatch, we designed our service to scale as needed. We came from humble beginnings and realize it’s important to offer a viable option that adjusts to the unique needs of each lender we serve.

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