Real Estate Tax Escrow Services

How Efficient Is Your Escrow Tax Payment Process?

The results are in; the escrow tax payment process is complex. Different states have different requirements, timetables, and reporting frequencies. The 24,000+ tax collectors all have different procedures, requests, and levels of automation. Sometimes just the county collects; other times the city or municipality does too. Heck, some states have utility payments that need to be accounted for. Simply put, it can be a real mess.

Well, at least the borrowers are all up to speed on how it works… we wish! Borrowers may pay late, pay too much, or submit payment even when that letter comes and says in big red letters THIS IS NOT A BILL: DO NOT PAY. Trust us, we have seen it all.

Your employees can be suffocated trying to deal with any number of issues that will inevitably arise, and unfortunately, each mistake can prove quite costly. You work so hard to maintain and provide a high level of service to your borrower… why risk it with poor tax servicing?

How does this sound: you log into a state-of-the-art dashboard, approve payment, confirm a wire amount, and you are done. Tired of cutting your own checks—we got you. Need to figure out a refund to your borrower—not anymore. Leave the partial solutions in the past and allow us to handle the administrative nightmares that complex tax environments and inefficient escrow processes can cause. Your loan servicing team and wallet will thank you.

Solutions That Matter

A tax service should make things easier for you and your team and provide logical intelligent methods that continue to focus on ways to make your job easier. By working with Accumatch, benefits are found throughout the process, and include some of the following:

  • 100% Paperless Payment Process
  • Cutting Checks
  • Handling Refunds
  • Interacting directly with the collectors

The Assurances you Deserve

Our lenders know that we go the extra mile for them, and we and are always looking for different ways to help them… even as it adds to our workload. Our Escrow Payment Process is designed to be sophisticated, secure, and full of subtle yet important enhancements that are not so common in our industry. In other words, it’s designed FOR YOU.

The Assurances You Deserve:

  • Wire Amount Confirmation and Verification
  • Fund Disbursement Report and Assessment
  • Zero Balance Confirmation
  • Full Audit Trail and tracking for non-electronic payments
  • Post-Payment Follow-Up