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We’re Dedicated to Better Real Estate Tax Servicing

All tax servicing is not created equal-which is no surprise to anyone. But, the depths of these differences may be quite stark when you review your options.

It’s not good enough simply to say you are better-you have to be able to back it up. As the demand for our services continues to grow, Accumatch regularly showcases our platform to prospects. We are always happy to host deeper discussions with your team to make sure it addresses what you need from us. Transparency is something we take very seriously, and it continues to be a priority for both our clients and prospects.

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A History of Innovation and Service

After many years in the real estate tax service industry, our founders realized that financial institutions faced an uphill battle to access high end resources normally reserved for the few. Motivated by grandiose ideas of redefining the industry, they set out to succeed where many have failed, and Accumatch was formed.

Armed with little more than direct industry knowledge, an aptitude for technology, and a vision, the duo quickly realized why many hesitated to take on this challenge—-but also why it was so important to give lenders a viable alternative to challenge the status quo.

What began many years ago as a regionally focused company has gained substantial traction all over the country. Devoted to providing the latest technology and exceptional customer service, Accumatch has helped lenders of all sizes manage one of the most difficult aspects of lending and elevates the standard of what to expect from your tax servicer.

Compliance: SSAE-18 Certification

When you work with any vendor, it’s important to know they are reliable. After all, we are regularly making multi-million dollar escrow payments and keeping an eye on billions of dollars’ worth of real estate assets… that’s a hefty responsibility!

Since our clients work in such heavily regulated environments, checking off certain boxes helps put them at ease to help provide them additional peace of mind—and we are happy to do it. By ensuring that our staff, documentation, and procedures address the highest benchmarks and audit requirements in our industry, we merit a zero-discrepancy SSAE-18 audit.

Leadership: In Our Company and In Our Field

A company is only as strong as the leadership guiding the way—another reason why we are positioned so well to handle the rising demands of our clients.

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