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Satisfied Customers

Brad and his team have been tremendous over the past year in providing us with information to monitor delinquent taxes, liens, and tax sales….We have been so pleased with their work and effort to help us that we transferred our other parcels that were being monitored by one of their competitors (a major well-known player in this space) to their system. They have continuously met our needs and are critical to our business.
Sean Fox, Partner, Gearing-Stone, LLC, Dallas TX
I just have to share that I’m so glad that we decided to go with Accumatch over [THEM]…. I truly appreciate your great service and attitude! Makes my job so much easier!
Andrea Skinner, Credit Administration Mgr., Central Bank, WI
We are all getting familiar with using your very impressive multi facetted report that you sent. It is superbly organized and meets our various needs with its easy search capabilities. Everyone from top to bottom of our organization is delighted with the ease of use and comprehensive data you have provided.
Jesse Dean, REMIC, CA
Everyone is very excited and pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of the reports!
Wanda Mayer, VP/Loan Operations Mgr., First Security Bank, KY
Wow. I have to compliment the service. I had two people working on this immediately. Not sure if Brad is your tech guys but thank you both very much!
Lisa, First Security Bank, KY
As always, your service is impeccable.
Terri Hester, Loan Compliance Officer, Summit Bank, FL
Thank you so much! This really does make my job so much easier.
Jill Lopez, VP Loan Operations, Vision Bank, TX
Thank you, Matthew! You are a godsend. You are living up to your name.
Jack Dunn, President, Veritex Bank, Dallas TX
These reports are crazy good!
Summit Bank, FL
Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. We appreciate you.
Terri Hester, Loan Compliance Officer, Summit Bank, FL
They had nothing but good things to say about you.
Wade Tiemann, J.T. Miller, Hamel, MN
You guys do a great job for us.
Judy Richardson, Texas Security Bank, Dallas, TX
After everyone we interviewed for property tax service, Accumatch was the absolute choice…you were very knowledgeable and didn’t waste our time.
Darla Henry, Bankruptcy Trustee Manager, Integrity Bank, Houston, TX
Brad, your request to review this list is evident of Accumatch’s goal of 100% accuracy.
Lane Giles, Sr. VP, Head of Credit Administration, Plains Capital Bank, TX
I just want to say thank you!!!! Last night I logged onto Accumatch and noticed the enter key was working. It just made my night. Again, thank you for listening and caring about your clients.
Bridget Allen, Commercial Loan Specialist Supervisor, Viewpoint Bank, Dallas, TX
You guys are truly my favorite vendor!!
Andrea Skinner, Credit Administration Officer, Central Bank, WI
[Matthew]: “We never hear from you guys any more, Janet.” [Janet]: “That’s because we never have anything to complain about.”
Janet Hannah, Asst. Loan Administration, Newfield Bank, Newfield, NJ
"I can't tell you how awesome Accumatch is."
-Lady in Charge of Tax Payments, First National Bank of Granbury, TX
This isn’t an email for a tax research request, it’s just simply to say “Thank you for all you do” and that we appreciate you more than you really know! - The Escrow Team"
-- Escrow Lead, Loan Servicer based in Denver, CO

Our technology sets us apart

Accumatch boasts a tremendous inventory of proprietary intellectual property, which includes the industry's most advanced matching technology, a huge nationwide database of real property data, and a tax servicing system that are second to none.