Advanced Data Matching

Accumatch's industry leading matching technology was developed to automate the loan setup process for property tax service, quickly and more accurately than a manual process. The system takes a probabilistic approach, matching incoming loan data to a nationwide database of public tax assessment records, to accurately locate parcel numbers and assign taxing authorities.  By automating this process we are able to complete the portfolio conversion process in far less time than our competitors, and assign parcels and tax lines with greater precision. To learn more about our matching, click here.

SQL Database Technology

Advanced matching technology is useless without an enterprise class database. In 2002, Accumatch began developing an advanced MS SQL relational database to support a full-scale nationwide tax service operation. Today, this Enterprise database supports our automated and manual servicing systems, giving us the ability to store and track tens of millions of public tax assessor and collector records, as well as to securely and privately store our customer's valuable data. A solid design that is the envy of our competition binds the data relationships tightly and prevents the "orphaned" data that plagues other operations.

  • Over 50 million tax assessor and collector records
  • Tracking of due dates and profile information on over 13,000 taxing authorities around the country
  • Automated queuing of items to-be-worked
  • Built-in tracing and auditing
  • High performance indexes deliver fast response time for our Dashboard users

AccuTax Servicing System

Built by Accumatch from the ground up, this .NET-based system is the user interface for our internal operations, sales and administrative staff. Multiple sub-systems manage the various stages of the property tax reporting processes for our escrow and non escrow loans, and provide tax authority profile management tools. A Tax Payment system interfaces with our Dashboard to support outsourced tax payment services.

Client Dashboard

Accumatch's ASP.NET web-based client Dashboard is our customers' window into the Accumatch system. It is secured by 128-bit SSL encryption. Users can submit new orders, download monthly reports, create custom searches and view real-time details on any loan in their portfolio. An industry standard ASP.NET security architecture keeps customer passwords safe and encrypted, inaccessible even by Accumatch programmers. This framework also provides for management of user roles and authorities,  from View Only access to full add/update/delete authority.

Our technology sets us apart

Accumatch boasts a tremendous inventory of proprietary intellectual property, which includes the industry's most advanced matching technology, a huge nationwide database of real property data, and a tax servicing system that are second to none.