Escrow Reporting (C-Track)

Accumatch’s Continuous Tracking (C-Track) service is designed specifically for commercial and residential mortgage servicers, distressed asset servicers, and REO servicers who need tax amount reporting but want to keep the tax payment process in-house. It includes D-Track payment verification to provide clients with continuous tracking of all accounts, from the time tax bills come out until they are paid.

  • Tax Amount Reporting
  • Tax Bill Requests
  • Continuous Tracking
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Tax Payment Posting Verification
  • Tax Lien Monitoring
  • Tax Expense Forecasting Tools
  • Customized Analytics
  • Due Diligence

Our technology sets us apart

Accumatch boasts a tremendous inventory of proprietary intellectual property, which includes the industry's most advanced matching technology, a huge nationwide database of real property data, and a tax servicing system that are second to none.