About Us -  Accumatch - Property Tax Intelligence

On October 4, 2002, Martin-Powell, LLC dba Accumatch was formed, as a Texas based Limited Liability Corporation, to meet a need for high quality data matching software within the Real Estate Industry. With decades of expertise in Real Estate Tax Service, Accumatch became the leading provider of advanced matching and database technology within that industry.

As its technology evolved into an enterprise class servicing platform, Accumatch leveraged its data and automation technology to deliver innovative and accurate Property Tax Tracking services for non-escrowed loans, Tax Reporting Services for escrowed loans, and fully automated and instantaneous property tax certificates for the title industry.

Data is the lifeblood of all data matching systems, and nowhere is that truer than within the real estate industry. Accumatch's expertise in working with real estate data is unmatched, period. We help clients create a comprehensive solution that combines sophisticated data architecture and processes, with the latest in probabilistic matching technology, to reduce costs and generate new value from your data.

Accumatch boasts a highly trained IT staff and a manual staff that can be contracted as an extension of your own staff for real property tax research, tax line setup, and assistance with property tax reporting.

Since Accumatch's formation, our company directive has been to save our customers money. We live by that directive every day as we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations of a property tax service company.

Our technology sets us apart

Accumatch boasts a tremendous inventory of proprietary intellectual property, which includes the industry's most advanced matching technology, a huge nationwide database of real property data, and a tax servicing system that are second to none.